Using Multi-Service FLS Templates in the Field Service Lightning Signage Solution

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Field Service is Salesforce’s field service application. It’s an in-house business management tool with on-site collaborative capabilities. In most cases, it’s used for small to mid-size companies who are responsible for such things as maintenance and installations, not front-line customer care representatives. Whether maintenance or installation, field services help relieve strain on front-line service representatives by automating parts of their day-to-day duties.

PDF Butler Field Service Lightning

As one of several new features in the recently released Salesforce 10 (SP10), PDF Butler Field Service Lightning is designed to make life easier for field service engineers and others who manage their businesses’ customer interactions. By streamlining previously tedious processes and managing projects more efficiently, FLS can be a significant factor in reducing travel times for customers. If your customers don’t like waiting in line, you might want to consider a faster route or better routes, or offer new services that will help ease the burden on your associates. With FLS, you’ll be able to set and forget appointment times, set appointments at inconvenient times, keep track of project status and have access to real-time barbers.

With FLS, your associates are able to respond more quickly to customers’ needs, improving service lightning and efficiency. With FLS, field service lightning is synchronized with incoming sales orders, giving your sales team members the information they need before even arriving on the scene. You can also take advantage of integrated data management to create in-house, real-time dashboards for barbers. If you already have project dashboard solutions integrated with Salesforce org charting tools, this will allow you to integrate your dashboards with the Sales and Customer Management systems, too.

Barbers have a myriad of tasks associated with their job; however, one task that is essential to their business is setting up appointments. When you have a large variety of barbers available for service, it becomes imperative that each individual has a steady stream of clients, no matter what time of day or night they are open. With traditional appointment setting methods, you’re typically forced to wait until the next business day to set appointments with individual customers. This leads to many missed opportunities, such as requests for follow-ups, follow-up calls with prospects and potential clients, or retainer requests. With FLS, the same clients don’t need to wait while you manually enter all of this information into your appointment calendar.

PDF Butler Field Service Lightning

With FLS, you have access to live dispatchers and your field service lightning network without having to spend time entering data into a software program. With live dispatchers, your barber’s can go directly to the client, cutting out the middle man and increasing efficiency. With dispatchers, the barbers can focus more attention on the quality of their work, rather than the completion date for their next appointment.

With FLS templates, not only do you have an easier time with creating your company’s signage and appointment books, but you also save a large amount of money in the long run. While you may think that creating your own sign templates would be a large investment, when you factor in how often these are used, you’ll find that the majority of your cost is offset by the amount of money you save on ink and paper, which could be substantial over the course of several years. Another money saving aspect is that you don’t have to worry about printing in different languages, which could be costly for you, especially in the long run. Your sign templates are fully translatable, so you never have to worry about a mistake causing a problem for your customers. In addition, if you have a large quantity of sign templates to choose from, you’ll find that creating multiple languages is simple and easy to do, which ensures that you always have plenty of sign templates on hand to meet your customer’s needs.