New Brunswick’s economy is export driven, and our well-being is tied directly to our ability to sell to others.  The NBITC wants to ensure New Brunswick businesses have the access, resources, and know-how to enable them to sell more products and services globally.

 The ICT sector is one of the principal growth engines of the global economy.  IDC expects global spending on information technology to generate 5.8 million new jobs and 75,000 new businesses world-wide over the next four (4) years.  That growth represents a substantial opportunity for New Brunswick because our economy is heavily export driven.  New Brunswick’s 2008 merchandise exports of $12 million made the largest percentage contribution to the economy of any province in Canada, with the exception of Saskatchewan.

The NBITC sees tremendous opportunity for New Brunswick to grow our ICT exports significantly.  As with most other sectors of the economy, success is dependent on our ability to create offerings which define or exploit new market segments.  Do a better job of creating those offerings and you’ll stand a better chance of convincing others to buy them.  The first step, development of a comprehensive and sustainable strategy to increase our levels of innovation.  The second, get better at commercializing all those new ideas.