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Organizations, companies and institutions alike, are moving on and over the age old process of entering your name, address, phone number and the person to meet at the entrance on paper. It has been proven that such outdated systems are of no use when there is an attack on the security of the organization they are entering, especially when you need to look for the culprits. Visitor badge system is one the many new and innovative ways of ensuring safety of the organization as this uses technology to keep records of whoever enters the premises. However there are other security management systems in the market right now. People Presence is a software that is used to ensure security of the people within the organization.

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What are their functions?

People presence software has more than just one function. It gets logs and information on the people while also tracking their whereabouts within the premises as soon as they enter. This system will allow you to zone in to the movements of the people you are tracking.  It will help you track them even off-site. This is an effective way to find out miscreants if necessary, but it might also lead to the discomfort of the visitors as being under constant surveillance is not the most desirable thing. Unlike visitor badge system which only goes so far as to auto generate a temporary visitor’s ID this software has functions like, awareness of hazards, permissions for zone access, etc.


What kind of organizations needs this?

It depends on the kind of problem you are facing and looking a solution for. If your organization is looking for a comparatively hassle free way of signing their visitor’s in then visitor badge system is a netter option but if security is more important than convenience, then they must choose people presence system. Usually organizations with a large number of employees, a number of entrances and zones, and those owned by big shots who might be threatened go for extreme security checkups. Government industries, research and technology industries and even schools are places that might need a little more efficient security measures than other industries. So they can opt for people presence systems.

Other organizations might be safe enough using a visitor badge system and might not need to track every foot step of their visitors. So it really comes down to personal convenience.

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Thus there are a number of differences to consider when choosing any of these two. A number of things are present in the people presence system but are absent in the visitor management system, such as; contractor or employee sign ins and outs, kiosk support of multiple devices, visitor ‘watch lists’, comprehensive roles of the users, zone tracking, qualification and emergency management, etc. If these additional features are not important to you or not what you are looking for then you do not need to opt for people presence software. Nevertheless the visitor badge system works just as well and will keep you safe.